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by Laurie Riegel on November 20th, 2020
Thanksgiving is for giving thanks!  Thanksgiving reminds us one day a year that we should be thankful for all that God has given us.  But of course we should be thankful every day.  God has blessed us in so many ways – Jesus, family, friends, homes, food, health and on and on and on.  Even when times are hard, like in our current pandemic, we can still find many reasons to give thanks. This blog g...  Read More
Crafts for Christ
by Laurie Riegel on October 16th, 2020
COS women (high school and up) are welcome to our Crafts for Christ event to be held on Sunday, November 15 from 2 – 5 pm in the Gym. Ministry leaders who organize the LWR quilting and kits, making and sending greeting cards, and Bible journaling will share about their respective ministries. During the three 45- minute segments held in different rooms around the church, those who attend will have ...  Read More
Forever Young Outing
by Miriam Rossow on July 29th, 2020
Come August, we thought it would be time for us to safely venture out together on a Detroit River boat excursion/tour! Diamond Jack’s River Tours offers a one-hour tour of river and history highlights! Fresh air, on the river, a transformed riverfront, Detroit and Windsor shore fronts and skylines, an enjoyable boat ride and history lesson! Doesn’t it sound great? We’ve all been inside, isolated for too long!  Read More
Thank You to our Christian Educators
by Miriam Rossow on June 10th, 2020
We are so thankful to all of those who serve in the education ministries at Christ Our Savior. We gratefully express our appreciation to our teachers, assistants, support staff and their families who served us faithfully this school year!  Read More
Congratulations Class of 2020
by Miriam Rossow on June 5th, 2020
Christ Our Savior wants to congratulate our nine seniors from the class of 2020.  Read More
Join the New Media Team
by Miriam Rossow on May 8th, 2020
A new media team is being built and trained to produce Christ Our Savior’s “Worship at Home” videos (which will continue after COVID-19), and you’re invited.  Read More
Connection during a pandemic
by Miriam Rossow on May 8th, 2020
Staying connected during a pandemic and a sheltering in place order is very difficult. As we continue to shelter in place, caring for, and protecting ourselves and our neighbors, a while longer life like this can be disheartening, depressing, and difficult. We pray that the ways that Christ Our Savior has worked to resource you and to support you have been beneficial and a blessing to you.   Read More
Support For Everyone
by Miriam Rossow on April 11th, 2020
Staying connected during this very strange time in our history can be difficult. We are asked to stay inside and only venture out for essentials like grocery shopping or walks. When we do go out we are required to stay at least 6 feet away and are asked to wear a mask and gloves! A very strange time indeed and a very hard time to stay connected.   Read More
Staff Favorite Recipes
by Miriam Rossow on April 7th, 2020
Neither of these activities will be taking place this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic that our world is struggling with this year. In these times of change and uncertainty the staff would like to share with you some of our favorite recipes for your Easter celebration. Many of these recipes come from the recipe cookbook Let These Gifts to us be Blessed that the Women of the Word put together in 2010. I will note the page and original submitter for each recipe found in the cookbook.   Read More
Helping Others See Jesus
by Miriam Rossow on March 2nd, 2020
Thank you for stuffing bulletins, counting our contributions, recording contributions, recording attendance, being a lector, doing audio & video, taking care of our altar, preparing meals & Bible breakfast, greeting, ushering, answering phones, quilting, teaching, playing music, and so many other things. Thank you for taking care of our safety. Thank you for staying late because staff is here late, making sure we get to our cars safely.  Read More
The Promise Project
by Miriam Rossow on February 27th, 2020
It has been stated that there are 7487 promises from God to us in the Bible. Each of these promises is a treasure that we can hold onto in times of joy and need. We can go to them when we need God’s reassurance of love and control. These promises can be shared with others to provide comfort, sympathy for a loss, encouragement, and a list that goes on and on.  Read More
Care, Support, & Hope for the New Year
by Miriam Rossow on January 9th, 2020
Christ Our Savior wants to support you in your everyday life and especially in the situations when life becomes difficult. Jesus put us together in a community to support and love each other. He has given us each other as a way to share Himself with us. As we support, encourage, lift up, and help each other we are sharing Jesus and His love.  Read More
Ordination of Tyler Cronkright into the Office of the Pastoral Ministry
by Miriam Rossow on January 6th, 2020
On Saturday, January 4, 2020 Christ Our Savior had the opportunity to participate in the Ordination service for Tyler Cronkright. It was a joyous celebration and the community at Christ Our Savior and Family of God rejoiced together in being able to celebrate and witness God's calling on His servant, Tyler.   Read More
Look Back at a Decade
by Miriam Rossow on December 31st, 2019
As we move into 2020 we wanted to take a look back at a few highlights from the past decade. Enjoy a glimpse of what God has done at Christ Our Savior these past 10 years and look ahead with hope at what He will do in the coming years. ...We look forward into this new decade with a knowledge and hope that Jesus continues to guide us as we continue to follow where He leads.  Read More
A Journey in Children's Ministry
by Miriam Rossow on December 27th, 2019
A decade (actually 12 years) later, I am still learning and stretching. God calls us to do those things no matter where we are in life. I am thankful this is where God led me.   Read More
CHRISTmas Blessing
by Miriam Rossow on December 17th, 2019
This Saturday our church opens up the doors to bless the community with our CHRISTmas Blessing baskets. This is the 7th year we will be hosting this event. We serve breakfast, hand out large baskets of non-perishable food items, give a ham and some fresh produce. All the while we try and make it a festive atmosphere as we provide Christmas music.  Read More
A Lovely Evening for the Ladies
by Miriam Rossow on December 10th, 2019
On Monday, December 9, 30 women from Christ Our Savior took time and effort to host 24 tables and welcome guests at gorgeously decorated tables. The hope and prayer of the evening is that people would feel welcome and treated to a beautiful evening of fellowship. Over 200 women enjoyed the night where the atmosphere was festive, the fellowship was enjoyable, the food and dessert were delicious and...  Read More
Advent at Christ Our Savior
by Miriam Rossow on November 21st, 2019
As you use this resource over Advent you will find that the prayers and devotions for Sundays and Wednesdays will match up with the readings and themes for those Worship Services at Christ Our Savior.   Read More
Let's Talk About Suicide and The Cross
by Miriam Rossow on November 20th, 2019
We need not fear talking about suicide, though. In fact, one myth that is often promoted is that if you talk about suicide with people who are depressed (or with anyone at all), this will get them to consider it themselves when they would have never considered it otherwise. On the contrary, not talking about suicide with those who are at risk leaves them isolated from voices of compassion and love—voices of concern and truth that they desperately need to hear.  Read More
Gather Together as Family
by Miriam Rossow on November 18th, 2019
As a church we want to support you by giving you knowledge about these traditions and helping you know how you can use them in your homes to teach and raise up your family to know and follow Jesus. We want to give you a space to relax and fellowship and create something together.  Read More
Advent By Candlelight
by Miriam Rossow on November 15th, 2019
Advent By Candlelight is a time to enjoy fellowship with ladies around good food, good friends, and good entertainment. Men from the congregation serve as the women enjoy beautiful decorations and conversation and begin their advent season off with joy. Advent by Candlelight allows the women of the congregation and their guests to focus and orient themselves on the Jesus and the promises given in ...  Read More
GriefShare: Surviving the Holidays
by Miriam Rossow on November 4th, 2019
During the holidays it can be difficult to join in the joyful and happy emotions people are feeling during the holidays. People are sharing special times and making memories and that can be difficult to participate in after losing someone close to you.  Read More
WOW/LWML Bake Sale
by Miriam Rossow on November 4th, 2019
By Kathy Smar, Bake Sale CoordinatorDonations of homemade baked goods such as pies, cookies, cakes, breads, and muffins are appreciated.Please package your baked goods in disposable containers and bring them to the church kitchen or down to the lounge on Saturday, Nov 23rd between 11:00 AM and 2:00 o’clock. PLEASE NOTE THE NEW DROP OFF TIME!!!!Volunteers are needed on Saturday to help set up the b...  Read More
The Faces of Family of God
by Miriam Rossow on October 15th, 2019
"Family of God is a beckoning light amidst the depressing bleakness…a place to encounter God, His love, His mercy, His Salvation. "  Read More






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