Family of Faith 

Welcome to the Family of Faith devotions. We hope these will be a blessing to you and your family. These are video devotional thoughts created for you by members from Christ Our Savior. Watch them, share them, meditate on them, comment on them. We pray these draw you closer to Jesus and help you stay connected to
the community of believers He has put you in. 

Bible Study at Home

Discipleship Resources

Christ Our Savior wants to support you as you grow and share your faith. Your discipleship walk happens both in our church building and in your homes. Your walk is encouraged by what our staff shares and produces for you and from others outside of our community. We have gathered resources from a variety of places to help support and encourage you on your faith walk. 

At Home Lessons

Written by our Children's Ministry leader, Karla Schettenhelm, we hope you are able to use these thoughts, questions, songs, and activities to enhance your study of God's word in your homes.

How can we pray for you?