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Constitution and Bylaws

The governing structure of the Christ Our Savior is outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws. 

Church Council Duties & Responsibilities

The Church Council shall consist of nine (9) members at large, the Chairman of the Board of Elders, and the Senior Pastor. The Council shall annually elect its own Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary from the nine (9) elected Council members.  These individuals shall also serve as the officers of the congregation.  The offices of Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall be limited to males. The following description is taken from COS Bylaws regarding Duties & Responsibilities of Church Council members.

Article 4:  Church Council
A. Duties & Responsibilities:  The Church Council shall be empowered by the Voters’ Assembly to govern all of the affairs of the congregation, except those specifically reserved by the Bylaws to the Voters’ Assembly, the Board of Elders, and the Senior Pastor.  In general, the responsibilities of the Council will include:
  • concerning itself with the governance of the church, as outlined in Articles 2 and 3 of the Constitution, and seeing to it that the activities of the church reflect the theology and mission of the church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ;
  • developing and planning a vision for the future of the church; establishing policies governing the activities of the church, including the definition of the congregation’s objectives; and monitoring compliance to those policies and performance against the objectives;
  • ensuring the proper maintenance and supervision of all church properties;
  • establishing the annual budget, and ensuring proper administration of the budget and other financial matters throughout the year;
  • reviewing the activities and reports of the Board of Elders and church staff;
  • communicating regularly with the congregation and conducting meetings of the Voters’ Assembly in accordance with the Bylaws;
  • ensuring the timely appointment of jointly appointed committees by the Chairmen of the Church Council and Board of Elders;
  • periodically reviewing the Constitution and Bylaws to identify any recommended changes; and
  • appointing committees and task forces as needed to help accomplish their duties and responsibilities, and monitoring and directing the activities of the same, including the committees listed in Section D, below.
[Section D, refers specifically to the responsibilities of sub-committees which are appointed by the Council, and not to Council members themselves, and is therefore, not included here.]

Board of Elders Duties & Responsibilities

The nature of the duties of the Board of Elders requires that only men noted for their Christian knowledge, zeal and experience in the spiritual work of the Kingdom of Christ shall serve as elders.  The responsibilities of members of the Board of Elders are: (the following description is taken from the COS Bylaws regarding the Duties & Responsibilities of the Board of Elders.)

Article 5:  Board of Elders
A. Duties and Responsibilities:   The duties of the Board of Elders are the spiritual welfare of the congregational members (both individually and collectively), including the pastors and staff, and the general oversight of congregational worship.  Their duties shall generally include:
  • preserving and supporting the congregational membership by (i) meeting and welcoming new members and families, (ii) regularly praying for, communicating with and visiting members and families assigned to them, (iii) calling on delinquent members and encouraging their return to worship, and (iv) monitoring and recommending transfers and removals from the church membership list;
  • assisting the pastors in shepherding the congregation by (i) investigating cases of need and recommending actions to the pastoral staff or Church Council, (ii) aiding the pastors in counseling difficult cases, (iii) encouraging and caring for the spiritual programs and small group ministries, and (iv) generally cultivating harmony among the congregational members;
  • helping to maintain discipline in the congregation, and ensuring that it functions in accordance with established church doctrine as required by the Constitution and Bylaws;
  • concerning themselves with the spiritual and emotional well-being of the pastors and staff, including regular prayer for the pastors and staff, and encouragement in their work and actions;
  • assisting the pastors with the administration of worship services by (i) ensuring the proper conduct of services, (ii) establishing and overseeing programs to provide ushers, acolytes, and altar care, (iii) providing for vicars, assistants and substitute pastors as needed, (iv) ensuring that adequate baptismal and chancel supplies are maintained for services, and (v) assisting as needed with the distribution of communion;
  • in conjunction with the pastors, coordinating the general worship of the congregation, including (i) setting the time, schedule and number of communion and other services, (ii) planning and publicizing the same, and (iii) encouraging spiritual programs such as small group ministries and Bible classes;
  • in conjunction with the pastors, approving or disapproving of new forms of worship, liturgies and hymns for use in worship, and timely communication of such decisions to the congregation; and
  • appointing committees, task forces and assistant elders as needed to help accomplish their duties and responsibilities, and monitoring and directing the activities of the same.

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