How it all started...

In the early 1950s, the Michigan District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) established three churches in the young city of Livonia. They were named: Faith, Holy Trinity and All Saints. Conflict arose in the mid-1970s and a schism within the LCMS caused ripple effects that reached to the congregations in our area. The result was that, in 1976, all three congregations voted to leave the LCMS and join the newly formed Association of Evangelic Lutheran Churches. That decision left Livonia without an LCMS church.

A group of members from Faith and Holy Trinity were deeply saddened by the decision to leave the LCMS as they believed that the teachings of the Missouri Synod remained a faithful interpretation of God's Word. Motivated by a desire to re-establish an LCMS presence in Livonia and maintain the strong doctrinal and evangelical stance of that church body, they met together and prayed, asking God for guidance. They met on November 28 under the leadership of Rev. Ralph Schmidt, the pastor of St. Paul's in Northville. That evening a new congregation was born.

This group of 65 dedicated Lutheran families gathered at Harry J. Will Funeral Home on 6 Mile Rd. for a service on December 12 with the desire to take the Gospel of Jesus into the Livonia community through a congregation of the LCMS. On February 6, 1977, they signed a charter and the congregation of 108 communicant members came together under the name of Christ Our Savior. 

Expanding the vision, connected to the past...

As the young congregation of Christ Our Savior grew, Gethsemane Lutheran in Detroit was preparing to close its doors forever. Gethsemane gifted our growing congregation their antique wood-carved Gothic altar, pulpit, lectern, marble baptismal font, hand-carved wooden pews, three leaded stain glass windows, a large German Bible and two bronze bells that have called people to worship for over a century.

The congregation continued to grow and share the love of Jesus with the Livonia community. In 1989 with 1300 members the congregation expanded their facilities again and in 1997, 20 years after the first dedication was held, they dedicated new offices and an education wing continuing the mission to share Jesus in the Livonia community. 

Where we are headed...

Christ Our Savior continues to find opportunities to bring the Gospel of Jesus into the community of Livonia. They strive to find opportunities to serve the community through service, worship, and the Word.

They opened an Early Childhood Program that provides Kindergarten and Preschool classes as well as childcare for infants up to 5 years old.  This center aims at providing a safe environment where children can grow and learn while their faith is being fed and nurtured.

The doors are open--visitors are welcome on Sunday morning for worship services, and those in need can come to the office during the week to get a bag of free food items.

God has led Christ Our Savior into a close partnership with Family of God Lutheran Church in southwest Detroit. Family of God serves some of the poorest segments of our society, and in addition to prayer, finances and encouragement, members from this congregation regularly volunteer to prepare meals and serve them to the homeless as part of the Family of God ministry.

God continues to work and ministries and opportunities change. Come and join this exciting and loving family as we move forward to serve Jesus together.

Be a part of our story...