The Website; For Members & Non-Members

By Miriam Rossow, Communications Coordinator

As we have updated the website it has been interpreted by some that the website is not for our members. While it is true that we want our website to be visitor friendly and easily accessible for visitors our website is not just for visitors.

The way Jesus works in your life is helpful and important for non-members connection to Jesus and members faith walk. Hearing about other’s struggles and joys and how Jesus is part of everyday life is important for everyone.

How would a member use the website?
  • A member can use the website to see the full calendar online and to see upcoming highlighted events that the church is hosting. 
  • You can also find information about events happening from Community Groups like Forever Young  on their page and even sign up for the event. Some events will be highlighted. You can add these things right to your calendar or share them with others easily.
  • A member who is interested in what is happening in missions can go to our Missions page and find a link to the individual pages for each of our missionaries and mission partners. 
  • If a member is looking for one of our Community Groups, they can find information about each of them on the community groups page. This includes things like our Bible Study groups, Small groups, and Care groups and more.
  • A member can listen to a sermon from a Sunday they were gone and/or share a favorite sermon with a friend. 
  • A member can give a donation through our website. 
  • The blog is one of the first pages I would send members. On this page members can find articles that highlight events and share stories about how Jesus is working in people’s lives. These are all shareable by copying the URL or choosing your social media icon you would like to use to share the article.

The blog is where you will find every article that is printed in the Disciplegram. Let me highlight the articles from the last Disciplegram (Dec./Jan.) and show you what I mean.

  • The first article in the Disciplegram was about the past 10 years at COS. It is called Look Back at a Decade. This blog actually has a little more information than the one I printed. A new blog that was not printed in the Disciplegram but still has to do with the past decade is one written by Karla Schelttenhelm, A Journey in Children's Ministry
  • The second article was Blessed to be a Blessing by David Crittenden.
  • The next two pages of the Disciplegram were the calendar.
  • The third article in the Disciplegram was from Pastor Hill Family of God Street Ministry which they are working towards.
  • The fourth article printed in the Disciplegram Pastor Eden wrote regarding the evening they held talking about suicide and the cross during youth and family night called Let's Talk About Suicide and the Cross. 
  • The fifth article had to do with CHRISTmas Blessings and responses from previous years that people had to the event. Also on the blog that was not in the Disciplegram was an article  CHRISTmas Blessings 2019 that highlighted this year’s event with pictures.
  • The last article was one highlighting the new GriefShare session and Cancer Companions 30 days of prayer. That article looks a little different on the blog as I added the other care groups that we have at Christ Our Savior. It was titled Care, Support, and Hope for the New Year. I have also highlighted the Cancer Companions on our home page slider with a link to the blog.
  • The last page of the Disciplegram highlighted our office hours for Christmas and New Year and our worship schedule as well as our upcoming winter Sunday School options. These would be found on our home page slider or on our Bible Study page when we take it off the home page.

When you are looking for the most recent Disciplegram you can find it all and more on the website and blog! And you can share all of these easily with the people in your life. As you choose to share these on your social media outlets and through personal emails you are sharing your church and your Jesus with others.

There is a lot for members and non-members to see, read, and share on our web page and blog. Look for yourself and explore the things that are available on the website. Our goal is to make sure you are getting the information you need and to help you follow Jesus better. 
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