Care, Support, & Hope for the New Year

As we move into the new year and new decade many people make resolutions. These may include resolutions to eat better, exercise more, drink less, read the bible more often, pray more regularly, be in worship once more a month, add a new hobby or routine to better their lifestyle and a variety of other ways to improve our lives.

Keeping resolutions can be hard. I am almost never able to keep the ones I make. As hard as it is for me to make and keep resolutions imagine a life situation that makes every day activities harder. Maybe you have just lost someone to death and are in the middle of grief. Maybe you are struggling with cancer or caring for someone who is going through cancer or another illness. Struggles in relationships can cause you to not be able to see the next step forward. Maybe you are dealing with an addiction and you want to make a resolution to stop or move towards stopping. These situations in life can sometimes make it impossible to even see how to live life let alone make a change in your life.

Christ Our Savior wants to support you in your everyday life and especially in the situations when life becomes difficult. Jesus put us together in a community to support and love each other. He has given us each other as a way to share Himself with us. As we support, encourage, lift up, and help each other we are sharing Jesus and His love.

Here are few groups that you can connect with for specific needs. Click on the images to read more about each group. You are always welcome to call the church office at 734-522-6830 and speak with one of our pastors. 

Cancer Companions

Sign up to receive a prayer a day from Cancer Companions and join us in specific prayer from January 24-February 24 for those affected by cancer. 

Grief Share

A new session of this confidential group started on Monday, January 6. You can still join them. Find out more here

Young Stroke Brain Injury Group

This group will start meeting again on Tuesday, January 21st at 7:00pm.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is a personal, one on one relationship with a care giver. They will listen, pray, and help you discern the next step for you to take in your situation. Find out more and get connected with this team on their page

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