Worship at Home

Christ Our Savior wants to support you, encourage you, uplift you, and continue to connect you to the promises and hope of Jesus.  We find ourselves in situations that are out of our control. We find ourselves in situations that are unsure and unclear. We find ourselves in times that are scary. Jesus is the hope for us. We have gathered together resources for you to use at home as you worship with your family. We  will continue to add to them as we walk this journey together. Our worship services will be recorded Sunday morning and uploaded here by 12:00pm Sunday. 


Offering is an important part of our service. As we give the offering we are not only helping the mission and ministry of Christ Our Savior to continue we are experiencing an act of trust.  We always want to acknowledge that what we have is a gift from God. All we have and own, both physically and spiritually, is by God's grace and mercy. In the offering we are invited to show and experience trust in God as our provider. We understand that in this time of uncertainty you may find giving to be more difficult. We encourage you to remember that God is in control of our lives, including our finances, and continue to give, as you can and feel led, to support the mission and ministry of Christ Our Savior.
  • You can mail a check to the church office.
  • Use your financial institutions online bill pay.
  • Or use this online giving tool. 

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