Thank you from Pastor Cronkright

By Pastor Tyler Cronkright, Associate Pastor at Family of God
Seven years ago, I had big plans to go the Seminary and anxiously wait to see where God would call me with many other brothers in ministry who were also anticipating their first calls as pastors. I blame Pastor Jim for this not coming true. As many of you know, he had promised me the adventure of a lifetime if I stayed in Detroit and trusted him and God.

I am so grateful for Pastor Jim’s manipulation. If I had gone to the Seminary like I wanted to, I never would have seen Family of God evolve into what it is today, I never would have met my wife, and I never would have experienced what I did on Saturday, January 4th at my Ordination, and Sunday, January 12th at my Installation, as Associate Pastor of Family of God.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, thank you. Thank you for your consistent support of me and the ministry at Family of God. Thank you for unconditional love for my wife. Thank you for your constant pursuit of the Gospel.

As I stood before so many people on Saturday, January 4, I was filled with so much emotion. Excitement, as I was to be recognized as a pastor in Christ’s church. Fear and anxiety, as I know how unworthy I am of the Office of the Holy Ministry. Wonder, as I wondered if God had chosen the right person. Humility, as I stood with 26 other men, with 200 plus years’ experience in the ministry. And Honor, as I realized that I get to serve Jesus in an incredible way.

I was blown away by how perfect the service was and I am thankful to Tom, Pastor Davenport, the choir, the brass players, Laurie, Miriam, Roger and Christina Heath, and lastly Pastor Fabry, whose pectoral cross I wore with great pride and joy on this day. Read, this blog, to read more and see more pictures from the Ordination service. 
Fast forwarding one week, I was officially installed at the Family of God Lutheran Church as their Associate Pastor. Throughout this week, they have actually called me Pastor Junior (Pastor Hill is “Pastor Senior), which is very endearing to me since it invokes a sense of spiritual fatherhood from Pastor Hill.

Our service there was small, wonderful, and quite the family event. The three pastors who serve weekly at Family of God (Eddie Morales of Pan De Vida, Richard Robinson who teaches on Tuesdays, and Pastor Hill) and Pastor Schulz, who has taught both me and Pastor Jim in the past, were in attendance, along with some Christ Our Savior folks and my parents. Easily, the best part of this day was getting to baptize Jasmine and her brother, Jordan into the Family of God. I got a little emotional telling them that their sins were forgiven.
I could talk for hours (some of you know that) about what I was feeling and experiencing this last week, but to sum up, I would say that I am thankful, humbled, and honored to accept the call to serve as Pastor and I look forward to many years of serving all of you at Christ Our Savior and serving our brothers and sisters at Family of God. May God bless all of you, and to Him alone be the glory forever.

With joy in Jesus,
Pastor Tyler
Photos at Installation service taken by Elisa Schulz, Michigan District Photographer

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