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Celebrate Holy Week at Home
April 1st, 2020
As we prepare for a Holy Week that is like nothing we have ever experienced before we want to provide you with resources to make your Holy Week meaningful and special. Read A Different Kind of Holy We...  Read More
by Miriam Rossow
Worship, Activities, & the Coronavirus
March 16th, 2020
At the same time, we want to take heed of what is being advised by those in authority. We want to care for our neighbors by not sharing germs unnecessarily. Your Pastors, staff, and leadership do not ...  Read More
by Miriam Rossow
Our Response to the Coronavirus
March 13th, 2020
While on this earth, in the middle of sin, brokenness, and illness, we are called to trust and hope in Jesus as our strength and provider and we are called to care for and love all of creation. As th...  Read More
by Miriam Rossow
Planning even in the unknown
March 12th, 2020
So, it is with the current issue of the Coronavirus. We have been told by all the experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the best health prevention entity in the world, tha...  Read More
by Miriam Rossow
Being Smart and Being Prepared
March 9th, 2020
At Christ Our Savior we know that Jesus is our source of all comfort. We are also aware that God gives us a responsibility to live in this world and look for Him as we respond to the joys and hurts o...  Read More
by Miriam Rossow
Source of all Comfort
March 4th, 2020
Please remember that we who take refuge in the Lord are not exempt from these kinds of dangers, including the coronavirus and many others. We, like all the rest of creation, are living in a time where...  Read More
by Miriam Rossow
Supporting Life
February 17th, 2020
The AAA (Alternative Answers to Abortion) Pregnancy Resource Center is a Christ-centered safe haven for women of all ages who find themselves struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. They are a place t...  Read More
by Miriam Rossow
Tips for a Healthy Heart
February 15th, 2020
February! Its heart health month! Time to take inventory of our healthy-heart habits! Just a quick check....  Read More
by Miriam Rossow
God's Steadfast Love
February 14th, 2020
God’s word has so much to say about love. God’s steadfast love. In the book of Psalms alone God’s “steadfast love” is declared at least 125 times!...  Read More
by Miriam Rossow
Care, Support, & Hope for the New Year
January 9th, 2020
Christ Our Savior wants to support you in your everyday life and especially in the situations when life becomes difficult. Jesus put us together in a community to support and love each other. He has g...  Read More
by Miriam Rossow
Let's Talk About Suicide and The Cross
November 20th, 2019
We need not fear talking about suicide, though. In fact, one myth that is often promoted is that if you talk about suicide with people who are depressed (or with anyone at all), this will get them to ...  Read More
by Miriam Rossow
Heart Disease: Men and Women
October 25th, 2019
By Jan Bernick, Parish NurseWhen it comes to heart disease, men and women are different. Most of the early studies on heart disease were conducted on men, women were rarely included in those studies. ...  Read More
by Miriam Rossow
Osteoporosis Prevention
September 17th, 2019
Osteoporosis is a disorder of the bones characterized by decreased bone strength predisposing to an increased risk of broken bones....  Read More
by Miriam Rossow