The Season of Epiphany

By Miriam Rossow, Communications Coordinator

During the season of Epiphany the church focuses on Jesus coming to the Gentile world. The Gentiles were anyone not of Jewish decent. They were the foreigners, the people that did not belong to God’s chosen family.

Remember back to Abraham when God made a covenant that it would be through his family that the Messiah would come? He told Abraham that He, God, was setting his, Abraham’s, family apart and choosing them. God chose to set  Abraham and the Jewish people apart to use them to bring His salvation and redemption to the world. When the wise men, who weren’t so wise, are guided by God’s star to the chosen one we see God sharing His salvation plan to the world, to the Gentiles. The wise men were Gentiles, foreigners, not part of the chosen race and yet they had heard of the stories of a great king coming and they were now being led to meet that king.

We also were Gentiles. Remember, anyone not part of the Jewish nation was considered a Gentile, a foreigner, and unclean. It is only through Jesus that we have been brought into the family. When you were baptized you were adopted into God’s family. You are no longer a Gentile. You have been made part of the chosen family, set apart for a special purpose.

Light is also very important during Epiphany. The star with it's light guided the wise men to Jesus, the light of the world.  When we were brought into the family through baptism we were given His light. Since we are now part of the chosen family and set apart we are now called to share that light, Jesus, with others.

We have posted articles recently that show how God’s light has continued to spread through out the foreign world. And how we as Jesus followers today continue to be used by God to spread His love and light. From mission trips (Bringing Sight and the Love of Jesus to South Africa) to our website (Website; for Members and Non-Members) we are used by God to share His light and love to the foreign nation, those who do not know Jesus.

As you celebrate and walk through this season of Epiphany we encourage you to be on the lookout for how Jesus is calling you to share Him. Who is He putting in your life? Where is He placing you? How are you being asked to share the light of the world?

Share some thoughts in a small group or with your family. Share some thoughts on  Facebook  or in the comment section on our blogs. We follow Jesus better when we follow Him together. Let’s support and encourage each other in the family.
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