Supporting Life

By Carrie Young
The AAA (Alternative Answers to Abortion) Pregnancy Resource Center is a Christ-centered safe haven for women of all ages who find themselves struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. They are a place that my family has been blessed to be able to support and be a part of for many years.

You may recall that Christ Our Savior does an annual baby bottle drive for them from Mother's Day to Father's Day and we just had our annual diaper drive, which is in January when the national Right to Life Sunday occurs.

The Center had it's annual fundraising banquet in October and I am thrilled to report that they raised $144,000!! This money does things like help a mom deciding between abortion and life to choose life because she knows there's a place that will support her - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

The center with the help of this money provides ultrasounds so the mother can see her baby formed and moving. It provides counseling to help mothers and fathers through whatever struggles they're wrestling with. It holds classes and Bible studies that moms and dads can attend. When they do, in addition to what they've learned, they earn tokens they can use to shop in the Center's Baby Shop. They can "buy" clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, and more with the tokens. Everything the Center provides to clients is free of charge.

Anyone can attend the banquet at no cost. The Center looks for table sponsors (individuals, couples, groups, churches, businesses, etc.) to pay for a table and then invite guests to fill it. The Center will assign guests to any seats that aren't filled. It would be great to see multiple Christ Our Savior tables there next year!

We heard directly from two people after the banquet who were pro-choice when they arrived but had a change of heart (Holy Spirit?!?) and are now pro-life! I've personally talked to women who, years ago, chose to keep their child because of coming to the Center and now they are supporting it! Clients have come directly from Planned Parenthood because either Planned Parenthood was closed so they looked online and found AAA Pregnancy Center or they got to Planned Parenthood but couldn't go in so came to AAA Pregnancy Center instead.

God is doing AMAZING things through the AAA Pregnancy Resource Center!
If you'd like to know more about who they are and what they do and be a part of this amazing work go to the AAA Pregnancy website.

There were around 30 Christ Our Savior members at the fundraising banquet, I'm sure any of them would be glad to tell you about it. Get in touch with me, I'm always willing to share about my knowledge of the Center!

If there's interest, we can set up a date for Christ Our Savior to tour the center, or there's a scheduled Open House on April 7, 2020.
Photo by Devon Divine on Unsplash 

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