Opportunities for Giving

By Noreen Lenardon, Business Manager

Our giving reflects what we hold to be valuable in our life, allows us to participate in what Jesus is up to in our life, and is a demonstration of our trust in God and His provision and control of our life. Thank you for your faithful response to God’s love for you.

As we give from what we have we are acknowledging that all we have is from God. All we own is His and is a gift from Him. We are acknowledging that He is in control of our lives even our finances. Giving allows us one way to put our trust in Jesus and in His provision. As we give money to the church and the ministries it provides, we are accepting God’s invitation to participate in His kingdom work.
Ways to give a monetary gift.
  • In person by cash or check in the offering plate.
  • Mail a check to the church office.
  • Use your financial institutions online bill pay program.
If you choose to use this method, please use your church offering envelope number, if
applicable, as your account number. This will help ensure that your gift is included in your
contribution statement from the church. We encourage you to use this option, especially if you
are considering making large contributions, as fees assessed by SubSplash Giving are calculated based on a percentage of the dollar amount given.
  • Give online . You now have the option of making contributions online via credit/debit card or ACH (bank account), making one time only or recurring transactions, as desired.
    • Although convenient, the online giving incurs processing fees with each use (charged by SubSplash Giving). You can elect to cover the processing fees (an alternative to passing the cost to the church). If you choose to pay the fee it will be added to your final donation amount and the church will not incur the cost allowing your whole contribution to be given to the church.
    • To use this option scroll to the bottom of the home page click on the dollar sign icon. Follow the instructions and enter the required information. If you would like more detailed help or information about this option, please contact Noreen in the church office.
    • If you choose to use this option please enter your offering envelope number, if applicable, in the memo box. This will help ensure that your gift is included in your contribution statement from the church.

With any of these options for giving you are always welcome to contact Noreen Lenardon or the church office if you need help or clarification.

We thank you for your gifts of time, talent, and money and pray that as you share these with us you see and know God’s blessings in your life.
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