CHRISTmas Blessings 2019

Saturday, December 21 Christ Our Savior opened up their doors to the community. We served over 300 families as we handed out baskets of non-perishable food, hams, and rolls. The gym was full of tables decorated and festive. Coffee, tea, and juice were ready as people began coming in and sitting at the tables around 8:00am. By 9:00am the gym was full and people were talking and sharing ready for the delicious egg casserole, fruit, and pastries that were served.
Linda Hollman, our director of outreach who helped organize the morning along with her dedicated team of volunteers, welcomed our guests. Senior Pastor Dean Davenport shared Jesus and the importance of His birth with the guests. "Amen's" were heard through out the gym.

By 10:00am the first guests were walking through the line to receive hand knitted hats, scarves, and other goodies as well as a ham, rolls, and the blessing basket. Each guest was accompanied down the hall by a member and given individual attention as they were walked through the process. Our members were encouraged to get to know the guest a little and offer prayer as the guest wanted it. 
While guests waited in the gym for their number to be called they were treated to Christmas carols played by Matt Fremder. They even enjoyed singing some of them together.
As they walked together the love of Jesus was shared. As our members shared their musical talents the love of Jesus was shared. As the baskets were handed out the love of Jesus was shared. Thank you for your service Christ Our Savior.

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