Children Share their Faith

This Wednesday, December 18 at 7:00pm our children in the Sunday School and the Early Childhood Center will be leading us in worship. It may not feel like a 'normal' worship service. The pastor will be participating in the service but in a smaller way as we let the children take the lead and teach us. There will be no sermon from the pastor. There will be the Christmas story told by the children. There will be hymns sung by the congregation and songs sung by the children. There may be extra sounds and children moving. There may be silliness. There will be Jesus' love shared and expressed. The children are excited to share the important story of Jesus as they take us on a journey to Bethlehem and the manger to meet the baby boy, Jesus.

We learn from our children as we listen to what they know and hear from the stories of Jesus that we tell them. As we have been working on our service we have talked through what some of the big words mean. My favorite is the word Immanuel. When you ask the children what does Immanuel mean, the children yell out with enthusiasm, "God with us." They are excited to share what they know and share the message of Jesus with each of us.

Take some time this Wednesday, December 18 at 7:00pm to come and hear from the children the story of Jesus as we go on a journey together. 

From the mouth of babes...

Read more stories from the children in the early childhood center hall outside of the preschool classroom. 

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