Conversation with Vicar Tyler Cronkright about Family of God

Vicar Tyler Cronkright
Vicar Tyler Cronkright sat down with the Michigan District this last summer and shared about the ministry at Family of God. Meals are served 6 nights a week with a bible study that follows and worship at 3:00pm on Sunday with a dinner that follows.

"This has become a routine and gives the people that come a sense of stability, a sense of community and a sense of family for many." Vicar Tyler

"The greatest thing that we do is build relationships with one another." Vicar Tyler The help and food that is given opens up to real relationships that are made at Family of God and to Jesus and His love. We want to meet them where they are and in their need. All of this is given without any strings attached.  

"Why are you helping someone like me? In that moment everything stops and we share the love of Jesus in that moment."  Vicar Tyler

Family of God has been able to reach into the depths of darkness and transform lives.

Why does this matter?
  • We have seen people leave their addiction behind them even while still struggling. Family of God is a community that supports them even in their relapse. 
  • They feel and learn that they are worth something. We can give them hope and dignity where they may not find it otherwise.

How can churches help? 
  • Prayer for the leaders for their emotion and energy. 
  • Your presence is what we need, volunteers. 
    • Bring a group and serve dinner and stay for Bible Study. Talk with those you serve.
    • Bring a group and join for worship and talk and sit among the people during dinner.
    • Become a tutor for kids who come to get help with homework.
    • Sponsor kids or volunteer to come during the summer field trip program and help them see things they may not see otherwise and experience something new.  

"I promise you if you are from the suburbs and get a chance to talk to someone who is from the hood, you will find you have a lot of similarities. Whether it's your brokenness or your backgrounds. Whatever it may be. We are not different from our brothers and sisters in Southwest Detroit." Vicar Tyler

Listen to the full podcast here. Find out more about Family of God.

Photo by Doug Zuba on Unsplash

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