Advent at Christ Our Savior

This Advent at Christ Our Savior we are using a new resource to guide and supplement our Advent Worship Experience called "You, Follow Me" from Next Step Press.

Here is what the author Justin Rossow says about the resource. You can find his whole post here.

"Real Help for a Busy Season
The weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year seem to be some of the most hectic of the year. But you don’t want to miss the peace and joy you know Jesus wants to give you in this season. With most small groups meeting only socially, now is a perfect time to embark on a solo adventure in God’s Word.  
As you might expect, these pages contain daily Scripture verses and devotions that help you see God at work in your everyday life. But this Discipleship Travel Log also invites you to:
Try Something New
You will be equipped and encouraged to run discipleship experiments and find something to take with you on your journey of faith, into 2020 and beyond.
Find a Next Step
As you explore tools for meditation or methods for prayer, look for the response Jesus is shaping in you.
Get in a Groove
Over the course of these 40 days, you will begin to feel the rhythm of innovation and experimentation for the sake of the Gospel."

As you use this resource over Advent you will find that the prayers and devotions for Sundays and Wednesdays will match up with the readings and themes for those Worship Services at Christ Our Savior. While this resource was written as a resource for individual use, we follow Jesus better when we follow Him together. We encourage you to take a copy for your family and walk together this Advent and into Epiphany praying and using this devotional and experimenting with new prayer techniques.

This is what Justin says in his post Something Different for Advent about these experiments.

"The Fun of Running an Experiment
If you want to help people take a next step, you have to give them options: one size does not fit all when it comes to discipleship. Because I cover 40 days, I have the space to introduce a variety of new ideas or methods without the pace being too hectic. The book shares adapted versions of Luther’s simple way to pray, Bonhoeffer’s meditating on the Word, and even St. Ignatius’s Prayer of Examine. Some of my favorite experiments are adapted from the good people at Visual Faith. (In my experience, they are experts in running experiments that help people delight in taking a next step.)
The daily devotions don’t expect you to do any of these methods perfectly; you’re simply invited to try them out and see how they go. Running an experiment takes the pressure off. You don’t have to have your spiritual ducks in a row for Jesus to touch your life this Christmas season. Real life is way too messy for that. So let’s go find something that works for you in the midst of the messy. Let’s see if we can discover what Jesus is up to in your life right now. Come on; it’s going to be fun!"

Be sure to pick up your family copy from the church and join us as we follow Jesus together and gather together under the theme Home For Christmas as Jesus, Immanuel, God with Us. 

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