Gather Together as Family

As we prepare for the season of Christmas the church starts with the season of Advent. Advent is a time to prepare our hearts for the coming of the baby Jesus and to look forward to the second coming of this same Jesus.

We have  traditions during Advent in our church that help us prepare and focus. One of those traditions is the Advent wreath. Each week as we get closer to the birth of Jesus we light a candle in anticipation of His coming birth. Each candle has a special meaning; Peace, Hope, Joy, & Love.

As a church we want to support you by giving you knowledge about these traditions and helping you know how you can use them in your homes to teach and raise up your family to know and follow Jesus. We want to give you a space to relax and fellowship and create something together.

Sunday, November 24 join us for an Advent Activity for the whole family. If your family is not at your home come and join a family and create two wreaths (one for your door & one advent wreath) for your house that will help point you to Jesus and His coming. We will have dinner together at 5:00pm to start the evening and at 6:00pm we will begin creating together with teaching about the Advent wreath interspersed. Work along side your child(ren) or help someone else's child(ren) to create something together that will point you to Jesus. At the end of the evening we will enjoy some dessert and warm drinks to help give us the home for Christmas feel!

Photo by Elisa Schulz

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