GriefShare: Surviving the Holidays

By Miriam Rossow from interview with Mike McGrath, GriefShare facilitator

Death is hard. Death is ugly. Death even when expected is unexpected. Death leaves brokenness in it’s wake. Death can brings feelings of sadness, shame, or guilt. Death can make a person lose focus, feel confused, and full of despair. Death can shake the faith of even the person with the ‘strongest’ faith. Death can be unbearable.

During the holidays it can be difficult to join in the joyful and happy emotions people are feeling during the holidays. People are sharing special times and making memories and that can be difficult to participate in after losing someone close to you. The holiday experience can highlight the emotions of a grieving person. Friends and family can be very well meaning and still not know what to say or say the wrong thing.

GriefShare encourages, supports, and gives guidance to those who are experiencing the many emotions that death brings on. GriefShare: Surviving the Holidays is designed to give people tools for surviving the joy and parties and sadness that can come during the holiday season.
We have three caring and loving facilitators of our GriefShare group. They have a heart of service to those who are feeling the pain of death. They use the video and Gospel based GriefShare program to help people confront and take one step towards healing. GriefShare is not a program that will fix you. It is a program intended to promote healing. There is no charge to participate in GriefShare and everything is kept confidential. GriefShare has two sessions a year. The next session will start on Jan. 6 at 6:30pm. There are 12 meeting times per session and they meet weekly.

Death is not the final word. In the midst of grief it is hard to remember and know that Jesus loves you. It takes the people of God around you to tell you that Jesus has won the victory over death and that He is fighting for you and grieves with you. GriefShare is a faith based program where you will hear the love of Jesus and His promises for you in the midst of your grief.
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