Sunday Mornings

9:45 - 10:45 a.m.

Winter Schedule

Starts January 7, 2024
Ends February 18, 2024


Adult Bible Studies

Spiritual Warfare

Led by Pastor Davenport in the gym

We believe in the spiritual side of existence--but what does that mean? Are angels real? Or even worse, are demons real? During this 7-week course, Pastor Davenport will talk about the realities of the spiritual battle raging around us.

This is a story of our victory in Christ, not of fear and depression. The ultimate power rests with the name that makes the demons tremble, Jesus Christ!

The Ministry of Elijah

Led by Pastor Werner in rooms 5 & 6

In this class Pastor Werner will take a look at one of the more dramatic prophets in the Old Testament. Elijah prayed to end a drought, and to rain fire down on an altar to the One True God. He healed the sick and was fed miraculously. He was also hunted by the kings and queens of Israel--his story is not short of drama.

Come to this class to hear more about the adventures of Elijah, and how and why God choose to use him to speak to the people of Israel.

Bethel Bible Series

Led by Judy Mayle

The Bethel Bible Series takes a deep look at the Bible, exploring the historic and cultural setting of the text as well as the theological meaning. The materials help us to see how the Old Testament and New Testament relate to each other, and provide deeper insight into each book of the Bible. They are currently studying the New Testament.