Welcome to Fall Bible Study Hour

This fall we are excited to try a very different and new approach to our Bible Study hour.
Our children, youth, and adults will be given opportunities to learn together both in-person and online.
All classes will be recorded and posted to our website on a weekly basis.

We will be following the same guidelines as Worship:
We will be practicing physical distancing.
Masks are strongly encouraged.

Sunday School

Preschool Sunday School (ages 3 and 4) will meet in room 15.
Children will gather together around God's word and grow in relationships with Jesus, teachers, and each other by learning the  Bible lesson, doing activities together, socializing, and more!

Elementary age children, grades K-6, will begin in classrooms 1-4. We will spread out on the floor and enjoy a large group introduction including God’s word through the Bible lesson and music.  This large group time will stream live online as well as be recorded so that those at home can watch in real time or later. After the large group time, children and leaders will break up into small groups in classrooms 5 & 6. In the small groups the leaders will facilitate reinforcement of the lesson through questions, discussion, and/or activities. There will also be time designated for prayer and for building relationships with Jesus, leaders, and each other. We encourage those joining online to spend some small group time with your family discussing the lesson, praying together, and growing in your relationships with Jesus and each other.

The curriculum used for Preschool – 6th grade Sunday school is the Enduring Faith Bible Curriculum from Concordia Publishing House.  This curriculum traces God’s plan of salvation throughout the Bible pointing to Jesus, our Savior.  The curriculum is a three year chronological survey of Bible history.  The 2020-2021 school year is our second year with this curriculum and focuses on the Old Testament.

High School youth will have the opportunity to lead, teach, and create community with the younger generation. Adults will also be used and encouraged to participate, build relationships, and share Jesus with the younger generation.

We will have an option to join online if you choose and the class will be recorded and posted to our website on a weekly basis.


Our 7th and 8th graders prepare to be publicly confirmed in the faith they were given in their baptism and be ready to receive  The Lord's Supper.   Catechism will meet in classrooms 10-12 and will be lead by both Pastor Davenport and Pastor Eden, to develop lasting relationships with the student and their families.  Both students and their parents are encouraged to attend in person or online in real time.  The class will be recorded and posted to our website on a weekly basis.
We look forward to seeing everyone in class as we grow in faith together.

Adult Bible Study

Beginning September 20 in the gym, we will be  joining in the district wide study of One Nation Under God.   This study looks at the racial division in our country.  
We forget that we are all creatures of God, equally children of Adam and Eve.  We forget that our first parents were created in the image of God; that image is an important unifying force that defines our shared human identity.  We forget that God loves the beautiful diversity of His human creation as much as He loves the vast array of plants and animals He has created.  And we forget that His Son, Jesus Christ, has redeemed each and every one of us.
 There is an option to join online if you choose and the class will be recorded and posted to our website on a weekly basis.