Spring Women's Retreat

April 19-20, 2024

Have you ever felt unloved, unimportant, unnoticed, unheard, unseen, uncared for, or alone? Have you ever thought of yourself as a failure, not good enough, weak, broken, unworthy, unforgivable, having no real purpose, or like you just don't belong?

Sure, many of us may have felt or thought these things from time to time. We know that in this life we have many ups, downs and challenges. We also know that it is the crafty enemy who whispers negative thoughts, doubts and lies in our ears everyday.

Yet, no matter how bad your day or week may be going, in whatever season you find yourself, whatever past mistakes or bad decisions were made, an unforgiving spirit, a regret or a shame that you continue to carry, you need not be worried, overwhelmed, ashamed or hopeless. Fear not, O precious Daughter of the King, for He has created all things good and with purpose! Women of all ages, put your crown back on straight; come, learn and grow from what our great God, the I AM, says to us; and know where we can find the assurances and hope we need, from His Word.

To RETREAT is to find a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax, pray and meditate, and ultimately draw closer to God.
We hope you will plan to "retreat" with us by attending our Spring event, where together, we will discover what the great, I AM says to us, about us, straight from His gracious, generous, loving heart!

Registration Deadline: April 7,  2024


Marlo Rutz

Marlo Rutz is a Certified Master Empowerment Coach, a Keynote Speaker, Author and Comedian, but what she appreciates the most is being a Daughter of God. Her 'Reveal to Heal' comedy shows, workshops and speaker programs are aimed at helping people get out of their own way, clearing obstacles that they can't yet see; to help people break from their past, their pain and their programing, and redirect them toward the peaceful, meaningful life that God has planned for them. Marlo is also a panel guest each week on Barn45 found on Facebook and YouTube. Her book, God Sprinkles, is available on Amazon! You can learn more about all she is up to and the why behind what she does by visiting her website, Marlorutz.com. Her programs are aimed at helping individuals carve a truth telling, healing, trigger diffusing path forward so that they experience more peace within themselves and in their relationships. Marlo speaks at Women'e conferences, churches, Chamber of Commerce events, marketing, live and virtual corporate events such as Chick-fil-A, Children's Hope Chest, Boss Babes, MOJO Volleyball Organization, Non-Profit events, School Districts, Gilda's Club, National Conferences for S.H.E. Con and the Christian Comedy Association just to name a few. Marlo has also coached and mentored young women competing in the Miss America Organization.

Nicole Herman

Nicole Herman is a devoted professional makeup artist and seasoned educator with more than two decades of experience graced by the blessings of faith. Her journey in the beauty industry has been a testament to God’s grace and healing. Her heart is drawn to the before-and after journey that beauty encapsulates — and the most impressive transformations are more than skin deep! Working intimately with her clients, Nicole recognizes that true beauty emerges from the Creator's design. She strives to illuminate the God-given uniqueness in each individual, enhancing one’s outward appearance while speaking true identity in Christ over each woman. Nicole views her makeup artistry as a means to reflect the beauty of God’s love for His daughters. Through her work, she encourages clients to take self-loathing thoughts captive and replace them with biblical truths. Beyond the brushes and palettes, Nicole is passionate about nurturing the spirit. She finds joy in helping others cultivate beauty habits rooted in faith, instilling a deeper sense of gratitude and purpose. Nicole Herman is not simply a makeup artist; she is a vessel of God's love, empowering others to let their light shine for Jesus! Nicole can be found sharing makeup tips and the Gospel on FB live at 8:00 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.