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 Why are we here?

And it's not just a matter of why Carissa, Cassandra, and Caitlin are climbing on a big baseball glove... that's another question entirely!
The question we address in this month's All Over Asia is why we are here in Taiwan at all?  And not so much what do we want to accomplish, but what do others hope we can accomplish?  
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In the end, it's not at all about what WE can accomplish, but what our Lord chooses to accomplish even through such tools as us... working together, as the Body of Christ. We rest securely in what He has already accomplished through Jesus Christ: forgiveness, and therefore life and salvation!

Thank you for your ongoing trust, love, prayers, and support.  
Yours humbly in Christ,
The Ferry Family
Charles, Cheryl, Caleb, Caitlin, Carissa, Cassandra, Chloe, and Charlotte

PS -- The girls above are climbing on a large baseball glove, as we live next to the Chiayi baseball stadium, and this glove and an equally-monstrous-sized bat are part of the surrounding park for kids.

VIDEO Greeting:  One of our congregations lately asked us to make a short video to update them, and we were glad to do so.  See the video for yourself:


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