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Pastor Mahlburg Thanksgiving From the

Mission Field



Dear Christ Our Savior

Jesus said, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” Mark 16:15
First I give thanks to God that I can serve Him and be a part of His mission work here in Sri Lanka.  My heart is filled with joy as I tell people here about Jesus Christ and what He has done.  I am thankful for the work God is doing with our partner church, the Ceylon Evangelical Lutheran Church. 
This past Sunday, I visited Good Shepherd Lutheran Church located in the mountains of Sri Lanka where tea is grown.  This congregation had been estranged from the rest of the church for several.  We spent many months in discussion with the leaders of Good Shepherd.  We prayed about this situation and asked for God’s wisdom.  At one point, I believed we had reached an impasse. By the God’s grace, I was wrong and now, Good Shepherd has returned to the fold.
I was glad to go there and preach.  I was happy to be with these brothers and sisters in Christ, gathered around Jesus Christ.  My heart overflowed as one of the elders asked that I baptize his infant son. 

I returned to our apartment in Colombo by train.  The train ride is 7 ½ hours, mainly due to slowly  winding through the mountains.  The views are beautiful, but the train ride gives me opportunity to meet others.  I struck up a conversation with a retired school teacher.  He was Buddhist, like 70% of Sri Lanka.  When I told him that I was a Christian missionary, he became quite curious.  He asked me many questions and told me a little about his beliefs. I was happy to be able to talk to a Buddhist about Jesus.
So first I thank God that I am a part of His mission work in Sri Lanka.  Second, I thank God for you.  You are every bit a part of God’s mission work in Sri Lanka as I am.  These stories I shared with you are not my stories.  They are our stories.  We are in this together.
Third, I thank you personally.  Your partnership in God’s mission work has brought us to this beautiful island nation off the southern coast of India to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  God has used your prayers and financial support to bring us here 16 months ago.  God will use your ongoing partnership to continue this work here.
During this season of Thanksgiving, I ask that you continue your partnership with the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod to participate in His mission work in Sri Lanka.  I ask that you pray and consider increasing your financial support.  Pray and consider sending a special gift during this Thanksgiving-Advent-Christmas season.
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Together in Jesus’ Service,
Pastor Steven Mahlburg
Serving the Lord in Sri Lanka


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