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Erber Missionary Update 
November 7, 2018



Dear Partners in Mission,

These last weeks have been a busy time for us.

Last week, I was the afternoon speaker (every afternoon) for a three day conference for pastors and church leaders here in Ghana.

The week before that, I worked with our new church president, Rev. John Donkoh, to host and meet with officials from Lutheran Church Extension Fund (of St. Louis) to learn about the loans they have given to the church in Ghana over the past years for building Lutheran schools in Ghana.

And, the week before that, I met with President Donkoh and others about equipping pastors with better Bible study skills as well as helping our pastors get God's Word out to their members and communities. President Donkoh wants to significantly increase the number of new congregations started in Ghana.

Joyce does the accounting for our missionaries and mission programs in Africa. Her daily tasks keep her very busy. However, at times, she also needs to travel.

In October, she had a 10 day trip to East Africa to work with the East Africa missionaries. This week she travels to the USA for meetings with the LCMS International Mission global leadership team. This group meets weekly on internet voice & video calls. When they meet in person, they like to have the finance people at the table too. People will be coming in from around the world.

I will be joining Joyce later for some vacation time and the opportunity to be with our kids and parents over the holidays.    

Again, we are very grateful for your support and for the opportunity to work with the church in Ghana as they work for equipping the church to get the Good News of Jesus Christ out to towns, cities and villages of Ghana.

Your prayers and financial support helps us keep moving forward!

David and Joyce

You've heard my message, and it's been confirmed by many witnesses. Entrust this message to faithful individuals who will be competent to teach others.
(2 Timothy 2:2)