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Erber Missionary Update 
May 23, 2018

Dear Partners in mission,

     Joyce and I worship at St. Paul Lutheran Church in downtown Accra. I serve as one of the assisting pastors.

     On Mother's Day, the congregation has the custom of honoring all of the women of the congregation.

     After the benediction, the pastor speaks about the church's great appreciation for women, offers words of thanks to the women of the congregation and leads the congregation in prayer in thanksgiving to God.

     Then each woman receives a chocolate bar. Ghana is one of the world's leading producers of cocoa and Ghana has developed its own chocolate industry. We understand that Ghanaian chocolate is famous in both Japan and Korea. In Japan, chocolate is simply called "Ghana".

     Interestingly, our observation is that people in West Africa have not developed a taste for chocolate. However, the women always seem to like receiving the gift - even if it is just chocolate! (Last year, on Father's Day, the men all got chocolate too. Ghana makes great chocolate!)

     After this last Mother's Day a couple of women stepped forward and asked for the microphone. We were expecting a short word of thanks on behalf of the women. However, these women announced that they also had a presentation they wanted to make.

     The women made a surprise presentation of gifts to the pastors.

     On Mother's Day, I received the beautiful gifts of a shirt and new stoles. The stoles match the new altar, pulpit and lectern cloths the women also just made for the church.

     What a great surprise and what very special gifts from God's dear people!

A Note About The July 1st Transition Of Church Leadership In Ghana

     These are important days for us in Ghana. We are doing our best to work with our retiring church president and the newly elected officials and others to facilitate a smooth transition of church leadership. Since this is the first transition in 40 or 50 years, this is not a simple or easy change. Last week our retiring President, Dr. Paul Fynn presented his final report and gave all of the files containing bank accounts, bank statements and other important documents to the newly elected President, Rev. John Donkoh. We constantly remind ourselves and others that Jesus remains Lord of the church. We are simply serving Him!

     Your prayers are greatly appreciated!

     David and Joyce