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Hello everyone!

The month of January was a particularly snowy one for those of us in St. Petersburg. We've been sloshing through inches of snow, slush and ice to get around the city, and it continues to fall! Thankfully, though, the weather has warmed up a bit from "bitter cold" to "just below freezing". The thing that amazes me most of all is that the weather conditions seem to make no impact on the number of people out and about. Russians will just shrug and say "we're used to it!" as they continue through their normal schedules regardless of the bad visibility on the roads or treacherous ice on the sidewalks. We still have lots of people attending English classes and coming to church events and we praise God for that.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my newsletter and see a bit of what God is doing in this snowy part of the world. I appreciate your prayers as always!