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Hello everyone!


Spring has come, and now Easter is only a few weeks away. Even though we're in the middle of Lent, this is a wonderful time of year. In just a few weeks we're going to celebrate the salvation that Christ won for us on the cross! In addition to the joy that this season in the church year brings, this season is also bringing warmer weather (finally!) to St. Petersburg. We still have the occasional snow storm and there are still some piles of snow that refuse to melt away, but there are many more sunny days and I've even seen a few brave plants poking their heads up from the ground.

God answers prayers! My newsletter always contains a section for prayer requests, and this month I have the great pleasure of relating how God answered several of those requests--how your prayers are bearing fruit here in St. Petersburg! Thank you so much for praying and I hope you continue to do so--we are all members of the body of Christ, no matter how far apart we are on the globe!