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 Are you a paper recycler?


Please remember to bring your newspapers, magazines, catalogs, office and school papers to the green & white Abitibi Paper Retriever bin located in our parking lot. not only is this a wonderful environmental stewardship program, we also earn money for the paper that is collected, and the more recyclable paper donated by the community, the more funds we can raise! These funds are used for our church projects. Together we can be good environmental stewards and raise needed funds at the same time.

We have recently placed green & white recycle boxes in the classrooms and various places throughout common areas in the church.

If you have any questions regarding the church's recycling program, please contact the church office.

We need ALL Your:

  • Magazines,
  • Shopping catalogs,
  • Newspaper & inserts,
  • Office & School Papers,
  • Mail

Please do NOT include:

  • No corrugated cardboard,
  • No food boxes,
  • No hardcover books,
  • and No phone books