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(Christ Our Savior Men and Sons Participating in Christian Training, Projectile Launching, And Various Other Manly Things.)


We're having a Nerf war in the gym on January 7 from 1:30-5:00. All COS men, regardless of age, are invited and encouraged to come!  (Running around is optional. :>)

All the Nerf guns and darts needed will be provided. Please bring eye protection (glasses, safety glasses, etc.) and a tarp if you have one.

If you have questions, please contact Joe Young at 248-476-1781.

COSMASPICTPLAVOMT is a group for males of all ages to build community by participating in life together.  Specifically, we like to launch things, but that’s our common interest, not our common goal.  Our goal is to buildup our COS community such that the sons of the congregation are brought up as viable and valuable members of the Body of Christ.  Our hope is that this group, and others like it, will help the men of COS mentor and disciple the younger generations, and all members would help each other in their daily lives.  In addition, the group can be a support resource for its members, and for congregation members at large.

Our group activities involve such things as model rockets; Nerf, airsoft, and potato guns; archery and slings; hunting, skeet, trap, and other shooting sports.

You don’t have to have sons to participate - Men of ALL ages are welcome!

If you’re interested in joining the email list, send an email to Dan Young at