Worship with us online anytime on Sundays.

Services will be posted on our Worship at Home page late Saturday evening for you to watch anytime that works for you and your family.

Join us for Sunday Morning Bible Studies with our Pastors

These are recorded on Sunday and then posted. If you would like to join the Bible Studies live ask to be added to our email list. (below) 

Pastor Davenport will use the Lectionary Readings for the Sunday and dig a little deeper into them.
Pastor Eden will be following the Enduring Faith Sunday School Curriculum.

Find a devotional thought from a member for you. 

Devotional videos will be posted on Tuesday and Thursday for you to watch.

At Home Family Lessons

Written by our Children's Ministry leader, Karla Schettenhelm, we hope you are able to use these thoughts, questions, songs, and activities to enhance your study of God's word in your homes.  These follow the Enduring Faith curriculum.

Family of Faith Communion Service

From the calendar below, schedule up to two times for your family to join us for a Family of Faith Communion Service. Up to six families will be allowed to sign up for each half-hour slot. The services will be 15-20 minutes, which will allow time for families to leave, and come in to the sanctuary safely. Please wait in your cars until the service before has returned to their cars. When in the sanctuary, we ask that you only sit in the designated seating areas to help us maintain correct social distancing. The elements of the Lord's Supper will be in a pre-packaged unit that will be unique to each individual, and set out for each individual to take themselves. All restrooms will be closed. Please contact Pastor Davenport  or Pastor Eden if you have any questions or concerns. For help signing up contact Laurie Riegel

Supporting and Connecting

During this crisis and a time when we can not be together physically, Christ Our Savior wants to support, encourage, and connect you to each other and to Jesus. We have three special ways we are trying to make this happen which will let you be able to interact with each other and God's word. 

 Online Bible Study Options

Sundays at 9:45 am

Rev. Dean Davenport, Senior Pastor- through link
Rev. Joel S. Eden, Associate Pastor- through link
Nathan Troike, member - through Facebook

Send me the link for online Bible Study options...

How can we pray for you?